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Lakeshore Soccer League


Lakeshore Cup
Good luck to all coaches and players for the 2015f season.

Lakeshore Cup Dates.

U12 boys festival in Kincardine, August 22, 2015
U12 girls festival in Walkerton, August 22, 2015

U14 boys tournament in Hanover, August 15, 2015
U14 girls tournament in Saugeen Shores, August 15, 2015
U14 boys and girls cup finals in Hanover, August 16, 2015

U16 boys tournament in Blue Mountain, August 22, 2015
U16 girls tournament in Mildmay/Walkerton, August 22, 2015
U16 boys and girls cup finals in Mildmay/Walkerton, August 23, 2015

U19 boys tournament in Markdale, August 15, 2015
U19 girls tournament in Mount Forest, August 15, 2015

Men's tournament in Markdale, August 16, 2015
Women's tournament in Mount Forest, August 16, 2015


2009 U16 Boys Tournament
2009 U16 Boys Tournament
Durham U16B Statefarm
Durham U12G Johnny K Sports
Durham U16G Pratt Plumbing & Heating
Durham U20B Hamilton Plumbing & Heating
Saugeen Shores U14G Scenic City Cup winners
Mount Forest U14B - Maitland
Mount Forest U14G - A & W
Mount Forest U16B Capell's
Mount Forewt U16G - New Orleans
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